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Krautz Officebull sealbag

Usage of re-usable seal bags and postal bags

Krautz OfficeBull is a producer of packaging products. We do not only produce the products ourselves but we have an own team of engineers and field specialists who understand the work situations. This gives us the advantage to suggest and work-out new ideas and solutions. Our experience in mail delivery, logistics, automation, etc.. provides our customers with a wide range of new technologies and things to think about. In combination with our tailor made production facilities we create specific solutions according to the customers possibilities.

Re-usable postbags are being used for the shipment of post and letters in which the bags are functioning as cargo-keepers to keep more letters so they can be shipped as one instead of sending the different letters separately. In this way the sender of the letters can save in envelopes and sending costs. The re-usable postbags are made out of a strong material so they can hold the weight and can be used for many years. A zipper closure gives access to the bags and closes them for shipment. To prevent the bag from opening during the transport, specials sealing systems can be implemented. A transparent address holder give the possibility to place an address card with the receivers address in the bag so the courier sees where he has to deliver the bag. All the Krautz OfficeBull postbags are tailor made.

OfficeBull Krautz sealbag SiegeltascheSport stitches for speed & simplicity

In the mail room, time is money. So this precious time can't be wasted on opening and closing the mail bags. Therefore Krautz is advising their customers to use the sport stitches on the edges of the bags. These sport stitches make the bag extra firm and stable which improves the opening and closing of the bag and so saves a lot of time. With the sport stitches the seal bag can be opened with only one movement. An extra advantage of the sport stitches and its firm condition is that it supports the goods in the bag during the transport.

PU re-usable post bag

In order of a German commercial bank, Krautz has produced special postbags which were produced out of a unique PU (Polyurethane) material. This for environmental purposes. This PU foil has no toxic gasses when it is being burned in a recycle process.

Tailor made productions

All postal bags are tailor made according dimensions, colors, special applications. Please send us an email for price-requests.

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Krautz Officebull sac courrier sécurité

Krautz officebull sealbag

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Krautz officebull sealbag post bag reusable

Krautz Officebull sac postaux

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Krautz OfficeBull Posttasche

Krautz OfficeBull posttas

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