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Krautz postrekken voor de postkamer

Metal wire mail sorters

Krautz produces the mail sorters in high quality and strong metal wire systems. This due to the big advantages the wire systems offer against the known wood mail sorters. You can see through the complete mail sorter so no letters of packages are forgotten in the mail sorter. The see-through system offers a nice work-environment seeing the colleagues can still see each other. Also light has a better fall-in in the mail sorter. Dirt and dust also falls through the wire systems so the letters or packages do not get dirty.

OfficeBull verfahrbare Postregalen

OfficeBull fahrbares Postregal

OfficeBull Postregale Post Aussortier regale

Usage of movable post or mail sorters

The movable mail sorters are specially designed to create flexibility in the mail room. If the mail sorters are fixed placed or constructed against the walls of the mail room, it will take a lot of place and it is difficult to replace the mail sorter if for example expansion is required. With the movable mail sorters it is possible to move the mail sorter to the wanted location. If the mail is sorted the mail sorters can be placed in a corner of the mail room so extra place is created for other activities. The movable mail sorters are produced with special break systems to position the sorter in a specified place.

Example mail room development

The pictures below show the mail room of customers where the OfficeBull metal mail sorters are in use. 

Krautz Officebull Gitternetz Postregalen in die Poststelle

Krautz Officebull postkamer inrichting

Krautz Officebull Meuble de tri dans chambre postaux

Krautz OfficeBull Postkamer inrichting possorteercentrum

Krautz Officebull Postregalen Gitternetz Poststelle einrichtung

Meuble de tri dans banque

Wood based movable post or mail sorters

In the past, Krautz-Temax, also constructed wood based movable mail sorters, yet these models have been exchanged by the metal based mail sorters.

OfficeBull Krautz Postregal für Post aussortierung in die Poststelle

Krautz OfficeBull verrijdbare postrekken voor de postkamer

Krautz OfficeBull verrijdbare postrekken

Krautz Officebull meuble de tri

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