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OfficeBull vlakke tassen balk

Usage of flat re-usable postal bags

Re-usable postbags are being used for the shipment of post and letters in which the bags are functioning as cargo-keepers to keep more letters so they can be shipped as one instead of sending the different letters separately. In this way the sender of the letters can save in envelopes and sending costs. The re-usable postbags are made out of a strong material so they can hold the weight and can be used for many years. A zipper closure gives access to the bags and closes them for shipment.

To prevent the bag from opening during the transport, specials sealing systems can be implemented. A transparent address holder give the possibility to place an address card with the receivers address in the bag so the courier sees where he has to deliver the bag. All the Krautz postbags are tailor made.

OfficeBull sealing sieglung verzegelingSealing for safety

Krautz is also specialized in the development of special safety and security systems for post bags to prevent frauds etc...

Tailor made productions

All postal bags are tailor made according dimensions, colors, special applications. Please send us an email for price-requests.

Krautz Officebull posttas vlak 002

Krautz Officebull flache merhweg Posttasche

Krautz officebull flat reusable post bag documents

Krautz officebull posttas vlak doorzichtig transparant

Krautz officebull Posttasche Transparent Durchsichtig

Krautz officebull transparent post bag

Krautz officebull posttas vlak 008

Krautz officebull Posttasche Flach merhweg

Krautz officebull sac courrier plat documents

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