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Krautz officebull koeriertas draagtassen

Usage of courier bags

Courier bags are being used by the postman in the street to deliver the mail door to door. Seeing the special requirements, Krautz develops and produces these courier bags tailor made in which materials, models, colours, printing, etc.. can be chosen according to the needs of the postman. On this page you can find some of the many models which can be produced.

Krautz Officebull Kuriertasche Trägetasche

Krautz koeriertas draagtas

Krautz koeriertas posttas

Krautz officebull sac coursier

Krautz Officebull Briefkasten SäckePost bag in mail box

In co-operation with a German private Postal company, Krautz developed an unique big post bag which is being hung-up in a mail box so the letters fall in the box automatically. The postman or courier only has to exchange the filled bag with an empty bag and does not have to empty all the separate letters in the filled mail box.

Tailor made production

All the mail sorter postbags are tailor made according to dimensions, colors, etc...

Krautz koeriertas draagtas

Krautz koeriertas sacs coursier

Krautz koeriertas Kuriertasche Courrier bag

Krautz Officebull Kuriertasche Trägetasche

Krautz koeriertas Posttasche Kuriertasche

Krautz Officebull Fahrrat tasche Fietstassen

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